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The Swiss Logistics Market Study has a long tradition and has been published for many years by GS1 Switzerland and the ISCM-HSG in close cooperation. The importance of logistics and supply chain management has steadily increased in Europe and especially in Switzerland. This is due to the many developments that have affected both daily operations and the long-term orientation of business models. In particular, the impact of Covid-19 has shown how explosive the management of global supply chains can be. It is therefore crucial that logistics service providers and shippers consciously address trends, reflect on them in the context of the Swiss logistics market, and take appropriate action at an early stage.

All contents of the logistics market study are published on an interactive web platform. The new format not only allows access from anywhere at any time, but also completely new presentation options.

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In 2021, the Logistics Market Study Switzerland continued its further development within the framework of an alternating study design of future and in-depth studies. This progressive orientation enabled a deeper and more innovative examination of current events in the logistics industry. After the previous year's focus was for the first time on an in-depth examination of decentralized technologies in the supply chain, this year's focus is on a comprehensive description of various trends.


In 2022, the Swiss Logistics Market Study continued its adaptation to an alternating study design of future and in-depth studies to reflect developments in the logistics industry. The focus of this study was on an in-depth examination of the topic "Digital Platforms in the Supply Chain".
This study went beyond a simple sentiment survey and included considerations of real use cases. A wide range of potentials for logistics service providers and shippers were identified. Concrete recommendations for implementing these digital platforms complemented the practice-oriented character of the study.
Another important component of this edition of the logistics market study was an overview of Swiss startups that depict the setup and structure of digital platforms. This provided an insight into the dynamic world of innovative logistics solutions developing in Switzerland.


The world has become more volatile since the last study of the future, characterized by unexpected events that have changed existing approaches and certainties. Therefore, the focus of the current study is on the analysis of risks and so-called "trend breaks". Questions are raised, such as the escalation of the conflict between China and Taiwan, and the impact on the Swiss logistics market is examined in detail. This study offers answers to currently relevant questions.
An important aspect is the continuity and linkage to previous editions. Parts of the study are based on findings and data from previous editions, especially with regard to constant trends and topics. This underlines the continued relevance of these topics for the logistics industry.
The Logistics Market Study 2023 is the result of close collaboration between GS1 Switzerland and the ISCM-HSG. It is based on primary surveys, polls, workshops and expert interviews, supplemented by various accessible secondary sources. The accuracy of the data, information and statistics used is assumed and not re-verified. This study is for general information and should not be used as a basis for investment decisions. Suggestions for corrections and improvements as well as further advice are welcome and gratefully received.

All contents of the Logistics Market Study 2023 are also available on an interactive web platform at the following link:



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