Roundtable of Supply Chain Finance Excellence

Roundtable of Supply Chain Finance Excellence

Supply Chain Finance (SCF) as an innovative concept linking physical and financial flows along the supply chain (customer - suppliers - service providers - platforms) has been implemented in many companies in recent years. However, SCF processes, technologies and providers continue to evolve. Consequently, the SCF ecosystem that has emerged in the meantime is highly dynamic. New solutions and providers enter the market at regular intervals. Therefore, an exchange of experience, an up-to-date positioning of one's own SCF approach and the constant adjustment to future SCF developments is an important success factor for companies.

The Roundtable of Supply Chain Finance Excellence (ROCE) - organized as a working group in the form of a moderated exchange of experience - offers participating partner companies access to the latest findings and developments in the SCF environment. At least three times a year, high-ranking company representatives and experts from the field meet to exchange views on a specific SCF topic.

Duration: Since 2016




Calvin Klein


Research Associate / Project Manager

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