Consortial Study «Green Packaging»

Consortial Study «Green Packaging»

The environmental impacts of (industrial) packaging are increasingly coming into the focus of politics, business and consumers, not least in the light of ambitious climate targets.

While consumer packaging is already receiving a great deal of attention, industrial packaging has only come increasingly into the focus of industry and science in recent years. Optimized packaging solutions can make a significant contribution to companies' sustainability strategies and reduce their carbon footprint - for example, through the use of alternative and new materials, targeted design of the packaging solution or thanks to innovative recycling processes.  

The Institute for Supply Chain Management at the University of St.Gallen (ISCM) is investigating these and other questions with a consortium of well-known users and producers of industrial packaging as well as logistics service providers in the format of a consortium study. The core objectives of the study are the identification of novel materials, packaging solutions and recycling concepts for industrial packaging and their ecological and economic evaluation along the supply chain.

Duration: 2022



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